Innovation Vac and SealVacuum Pack Machine: Hygiene, Fresher, Healthier

• Ideal Solution for Preserving Freshness and Extending the Shelf Life of Food

• Protects Valuable items like Photos, Documents, Gold and Silver from Tarnishing and Oxidation

• Removable Liquid Chamber for Easy Cleaning

• Full Automatic Hands Free Operation for Vacuum and Sealing

• Vacuum Seal or Seal Only Options

• With Cancel Button – Allows User to Stop Sealing or Vacuuming at Anytime

• LED light for Functions Indication

• Built in Bag and Roll Cutter

• Cut your own Bags to Size

• Removable Roll Storage

• Space for Optional Cannister Adapter

• Double Element for more Durable Seal, Especially Designed for Wet items

• Durable Non-Flammable Case

• ECO Friendly and Energy Saving

Price = $235 (Does not include delivery)

Product Code: INNOVS2