Smoked Salmon

Few things can match the exquisite flavour of a perfectly smoked meat. Whether it be salmon, ribs, brisket or venison, nothing tastes better than that distinctive smoked flavour.

Here at The Smoke Shack our aim is to help you cook the perfect smoked meat. Our range of Digital Smoker Ovens make the smoking process almost easy. Our large range of flavoured Wood Bisquettes provides you with just the right flavour for every kind of meat and game.

Whether you be a fisherman, a hunter or just a connoisseur of fine meats, The Smoke Shack can provide you with just what you need to make your next barbecue simply amazing.

So have a look around the site. Everything you need to make your own smoked meats is here. Also don’t forget to check out our specials page and our news page, where we list what shows we will be demonstrating our smoker ovens at. Suffice to say if you visit our stand at one of the shows and taste what we cook, you will be hooked!

Check out the Bradley Digital Smoker in action in the video below.

Happy BBQ’ing,
Aaron Smith (Smiddy)